Yoga and Horses


At LiftMeUp!, our unique yoga and horsemanship lessons are aimed at helping people build or improve their connection with horses. Through the physical practice of yoga, we become more aware of our bodies and how we move. Because horses are masters at reading body language, being more attuned with our own bodies will greatly improve communication with them, whether we are on the ground or in the saddle.

On another, more subtle level, through the practice of yogic breathing, we become more attuned to the affect our breath has on our physical and emotional state and learn how to use it to enhance our connection to the horses. During class, the breath is used to calm the mind and body, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to create a better state of focused, relaxed awareness.

Finally, through the practice of mindfulness meditation, we learn to focus on the present moment, become more aware of our emotional energy and develop a non-reactive mind. Because horses are acutely aware of the energetic state of their handler, being aware and in control of our emotional energy is essential to building trust with them, and particularly useful when training them, or putting them through new situations such as competitions. In these situations, the confidence, calm and energetic balance developed through yoga and mindfulness practice makes all the difference.