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100 for 100 Campaign

Join us and raise funds to help keep our horses happy and healthy!

The “100 for 100” campaign kicks off this summer and will run through the end of the year, and is a fundraising program specially created to enable friends and family of Lift Me Up (you!) to support the care of our horses by donating just $100.

Many of our horses are aging and are working their second (or even third) careers. Along with the patience, experience, and wonderful temperaments our horses have grown into with age, comes the need for additional supplements, medications, special shoes, and other necessities to keep them sound and happy. Some may have extra veterinary needs that accompany being a little bit older. Additionally, all horses need vaccinations, deworming medications, and regular dental care to stay healthy.

We are looking for 100 caring supporters to donate $100 to raise a total of $10,000 to help with their care and health needs for 2019. If you wish to donate, please donate  by clicking on the Paypal button below.

Thank you to our 100 for 100 Donors to Date

  1. The Carey Family
  2. Georgia Bay
  3. Jackie Collins
  4. Patricia Dreyer
  5. Atalanta Grant-Suttie
  6. Maya Grigorovich-Barsky
  7. AmyMarie Infantes
  8. Nabil Zaher
  9. Claire Abbott

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Lift Me Up!


Lift Me Up! is a therapeutic horseback riding inclusion program dedicated to providing safe and effective instruction for children and adults who have varying abilities. We teach riding skills adapted to each rider’s cognitive and physical needs.

By combining the unique and special presence of our therapy horses and the skills of our caring PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) certified instructors, Lift Me Up! helps hundreds of riders gain confidence, strength and self-esteem in our friendly, fun environment.

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