Therapeutic Riding


Welcome to the wonderful world of therapeutic riding!

The mission of LiftMeUp! is to provide a safe, effective, and challenging therapeutic riding program dedicated to helping children and adults with a wide range of different abilities. By combining the use of horses and the skills of certified instructors, LiftMeUp! seeks to help riders develop physically, mentally, and emotionally in a caring and fun environment that empowers the rider in ways very different from traditional therapy. Riding at LiftMeUp! helps our riders to sit and stand unassisted, walk independently, improve their focus and attention span and enhance their social and communication skills.

We offer both group inclusion and private lessons at our facility. We charge $65 for a one-hour group lesson for up to four students and $85 for a half-hour private lesson. Each of our lessons is staffed with an instructor certified by PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International), as well as volunteers, who act as horse leaders and side walkers, to conduct the lesson safely.

The following forms must be completed and returned for enrollment (all forms can be downloaded at the link below):

  • Rider’s Application
  • Physician’s Statement (for therapeutic riding)
  • Rider Contract that includes: 
    • Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement Form
    • Release, Waiver & Indemnity Agreement
    • Barn Rules and Regulations Consent
    • Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
    • Photo Consent Policies

Occasionally, therapeutic riding is not an appropriate form of activity and the rider’s instructor has the right to discontinue the session. Each case will be discussed with the rider/rider’s parent, physician and primary therapist to determine if therapeutic riding is deemed an acceptable activity at this time. If you are interested in speaking to a staff member to learn more about our therapeutic riding program, please feel free to reach out in our contact us page.

Thank you for your interest in LiftMeUp!