Our Beautiful Landscape and Facilities


Having a permanent home in Great Falls allows us to offer year-round therapeutic riding instruction. Our facilities also allow us to periodically host therapeutic riding research and training sessions. We have both an indoor and outdoor arena, as well as a wonderful multi-sensory path to take trail rides on.

LiftMeUp! will always remain thankful to Flo and Harry Dougherty who served as our hosts for our first 20 years. Their multifaceted and continuous support has been pivotal to the program’s continued viability, vibrancy, and growth.

For the safety of all participants, please adhere to posted guidelines and barn rules and regulations regarding all of the horses on the property, particularly with respect to areas and activities that are off-limits to program participants and visitors (including stalls and turnout areas). Please refrain from feeding, touching, or otherwise interacting with any of the horses on the property except with appropriate supervision and permission.